About Ria


Ria Megnin, LISW, MA

Hi, and welcome! My name is Ria, my pronouns are they or she, and I’m a mental health therapist in Dayton, Ohio. I work downtown with Hearthstone Psychology in our LGBTQ+ focused counseling center. My passion is providing trauma-informed, identity-affirming counseling for individual adults, partners, children, and families, especially those navigating diverse identities (gender, sexuality, family structure, race, ability, class background, neurodiversity, etc.) in a world that’s still waking up to the awesomeness of humanity’s rainbow.

Since 2012, I have worked continuously to better understand and challenge racism in myself and my community, but I benefit from white privilege and thus can never fully understand the challenges faced or joys experienced by Black people and others of color. I am happy to meet with anyone from a marginalized background to help with identifying and working toward their goals, whether that involves continuing to work with me or connecting with highly qualified colleagues who better share their backgrounds.

My first career was in journalism, helping people share their stories and support each other in building a better world. I went on to earn master degrees from The Ohio State University’s College of Social Work and John Glenn College of Public Affairs (public policy & management), graduating in 2018. I served for three years as the Miami Valley’s regional representative for the National Association of Social Workers and as a mental health therapist with Equitas Health, Ohio’s largest provider of medical services for LGBTQIA+ people, before joining Hearthstone in July 2022.

My Facebook page, where I can be found geeking out about mental health, diversity, and cat memes, has public posts you can follow! If you’d like to connect with me or another of our LGBTQIA+ affirming providers for care, please contact Hearthstone Psychology at 937-951-3077 or info@hearthstonepsych.com.