About Ria


Ria Megnin, MSW, LSW

My name is Ria Megnin, and I am passionate about celebrating and empowering my fellow Ohioans here in the Greater Dayton region. Towards that goal, I am completing my dual master’s degree program at The Ohio State University in social work (May 2018) and public policy / management (John Glenn College of Public Affairs, Dec. 2018).

I bring to this field my 14 years of experience in newspaper journalism. The paths have much in common: both require strong skills in listening, public advocacy, ethics, and dealing with an often-hostile public perception (at least until we are needed!). They both provide incredible opportunities to engage with the challenges and potential of this brave, cutting-edge city and its diverse communities.

I see the people of Dayton and Ohio doing the hard work of navigating relationships, health, employment, and community in a fast-changing world. As 21st century life grows ever more complex, I look forward to standing together in embracing our new opportunities while preserving our humanity. Come join us! The future truly is what we make it to be.