BreakFree For Women


BreakFree for Women workshops are — Fun! Powerful! Life-changing! These 16-week gatherings bring together up to 15 women committed to learning real-life internal skills. Our goal? To build healthier relationships with ourselves and the people in our lives, and to support each other on the journey.

BreakFree is about:
– how to stop self-criticism (even if you’ve struggled your whole life!),
– how to say “no” and protect your time and energy,
– how to listen better to ourselves and each other,
– how to slow down and respond with connection, not shame or fear,
– how to create and maintain empowering relationships,
– and TONS more, all while learning from and supporting other women on the journey.

BreakFree for Women was founded in the early 1990s in Monterey, California, by Janet Thomas, LCSW. The unique educational workshops have helped more than 1,000 women “break free” of longstanding patterns, transform our relationships and live from our true, inherent, adult selves.

These tools aren’t fluff like “believe in yourself” and “put on your happy face!” BreakFree is a series of workshops that progressively help women break old patterns of shame, blame, and feeling “not enough.” A big part of why the materials work so well is the camaraderie and community that develop as the circles of women learn and grow together.

Classes are currently offered in Monterey (more information available here) and will return to Dayton, Ohio soon. If you’d like to be added to the list for when we return, contact Ria Megnin at 831-236-0361 or for more information.

* * *

Some comments from graduates:

“Every woman needs this educational program. Thanks for being here.”

“I loved doing this work! I feel like I have a new way to live.”

“It’s healing, nurturing, and it really values women.”

“As women, we all need to discover our authentic self and live in a way that is true and genuine in the wider world.” – Gail C.

“BreakFree Dayton encourages individuals to step outside of their restraints, learning to live the fullest life possible.” – Brianna K.

“Ria is such an insightful and inspiring speaker, delivering her message with warmth, compassion and genuineness. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to hear her speak.” – Pamela G.

“I found the entire Breakfree process to be incredibly helpful and indeed life changing. The process is based very heavily in cognitive therapy, but does not require the assistance of a therapist. The community of women has been a wonderful source of love, support and positive energy. Ria is a fabulous and caring facilitator!” – Christina T.

“BreakFree helps women to see their worth and importance too.” – Lori M.